*hands you a shiny internets*

Hee! ANd yes.

You are so very patient. See I would not have the patience you have, I'd have used a spoon up telling them exactly where they could stick it. ; )

But see, obviously I have "tone"issues...; )

Hee. Obviously.


This is made of win.

(I am especially grateful because I've been trying to compose a post to Internet User #1,574,313,181 and his friends myself, and not only have you saved me many spoons, yours is infinitely better and funnier than anything I could have come up with.)

Thank you. I am grateful to you, as well. The linkspam has been a huge public service, and I'm sure you had no idea when you started that you'd still be doing it here in March. Thanks for sticking with it.

This is brilliant: funny, versatile, and eminently useful!

Now we can ALL link :)

Now we can ALL link :)
Please do! Save your spoons!

Wonderful and brilliant and PERFECT! Thank you!

I'm glad that people are finding it helpful.

Not enough spoons? yeps, good way to put it. That's why I feel drained have the time, or sit there windering if I have the emotion strength to spare to try to educate someone that day. Even with more spoon that many of my friend with health issues and other big drains on them in thier lives, I still feel like I don't often have enough left to deal with what need to be done. Thank you for this.

Best. EVAR. Can I print it out so I can hand it out instead of Bingo cards?

Aw, I like bingo cards. But sure.

Win. Total win.

And I just need to share this, because I'm sort of shocked:

There's nothing racist about Sisko only being a commander and not a captain; he's in charge of a space station, not a ship, for crying out loud

DS9 came out when I was, I think, in high school, and military ranks meant less than nothing to me. (I also didn't get to watch the show very often, as I didn't have the channel that carried it at home.) I had no idea that Sisko was a lower rank than captain--- I thought, as that comment says, 'well, he commands a space station!' I thought naturally he was a higher rank than Picard et. al. I'm rather stunned. I say this, not to derail or to make it all about me (I hope) but to say, after more than a decade:


Seriously. The producers were eventually shamed into giving him a promotion, I think, but yeah, he should have just had a higher rank from the beginning.

here via rydra_wong

YES. This. Thank you!

Re: here via rydra_wong

Just my turn.

This is fantastic. Thank you!

I love you.

I keep starting a post and it keeps not coming out how I want. I wish I had more spoons to spend on the bullshit. But then, I wish a lot of things.

{{you}} I wish you had more spoons, too. Without having to spend them on bullshit.

Thanks. The P.S., by the way, was directly inspired by every time ever I've seen you try to be helpful to people by linking them to your wonderful compilation (or one of the links therein), and they've responded with "but you called it 'for clueless white people'! therefore, I shall be outraged" or whatever.

those people just don't have the right educational background in Irish ponies

Dangit, don't do that when I have a mouthful of tea....

Wonderful. Thank you so much for this.

This is like the best thing I have seen all day.


here via ithiliana, and gladly.

This is a brilliant compilation.

Yes. This. Exactly this. May I memory this and then refer people as I see asses showing?

Of course. Save your spoons.

(Deleted comment)
I'm glad it will be helpful to someone.

(Deleted comment)
Next time I need to explain the tone argument, I'm sending people here. Thank you.


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